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              • Sunshine-32-foot enclosed wheelhouse yacht
                Sunshine-32-foot enclosed wheelhouse yacht

                This yacht along the coastal developed for the case of the introductory paragraph. It's adopt a single cockpit design and hull flow lines and beautiful. It has a 250 horsepower outboard motor boat speed of up to 28 knots. Ship is equipped with 300 liters tank; filled with oil navigable 120 nautical miles.

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                          • Sunshine-32-foot open wheelhouse yacht
                            Sunshine-32-foot open wheelhouse yacht

                            This yacht along the coastal developed for the case of the introductory paragraph. It's adopt a single cockpit design and hull flow lines and beautiful. It has a 250 horsepower outboard motor boat speed of up to 28 knots. Ship is equipped with 300 liters tank; filled with oil navigable 120 nautical miles.

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                              • Free man Sport yacht 40
                                Free man Sport yacht 40

                                This small but great performance boat is designed specially for sportfishing and joys with friends and family. Thanks for the lightweight but strong infused hull and superstructures, with twin innovative Volvo Penta IPS pod drive system she can boost 35knots top speed while still providing the sleeping berths for 4~6.

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                                      1. Express sport cruiser 55
                                        Express sport cruiser 55

                                        Sleek Euro-designed and built by high tech infused hull and superstructure, this model offers you a great fun of maneuverability and speed performance with the standard twin Volvo Penta IPS600 engines . Plus, the well accessible engine room and spacious interior to a 60footer is giving you the best value you can ever find in the similar size of tỷ lệ kèo sbobet. We have many other features numerous options to choose.

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                                              1. Express sport cruiser 56
                                                Express sport cruiser 56

                                                With the same hull of our 55 Express but additional space on top makes her a wonderful experience to enjoy the sun around this semi-custom boat. You can cruise comfortably with the twin IPS600 or more speed by upgrade to twin IPS2 - 800/900. The layout arrangement can either be 2 or 3 cabin with 2 heads and Galley Up or Down.

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                                                          • Pilothouse Cruiser 58
                                                            Pilothouse Cruiser 58

                                                            Whether seated in the pilothouse or relaxing the salon, guests are offered an equally breathtaking panoramic view. Zhen Shing pilothouse was not only designed to allow the captain and guests to interact in the same place, but also to share the same experience. The 58' pilothouse features walk around side deck and with standard twin Cummins 660hp inboard engines the cruising speed is about 22knots. The impressive interior space is due primarily to the vessel's wide body 17'-6" beam.

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                                                                • Pilothouse Cruiser 62
                                                                  Pilothouse Cruiser 62

                                                                  The 62' pilothouse has all the comfort at home including every standard features of our 58' pilothouse and many other extra. Designed to inspire admiration, custom granite countertops, luxurious leather seating and top quality fine wood define the elegance of the environment. Owner may choose from several 3 or 4 cabin layouts, both offering your guests gracious and spacious accommodations.

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